Expanding our ‘Waking Watch’ Portfolio across East Anglia

30th Sep 2018

Oakpark Security has been supporting an increasing number of customers across East Anglia with a specialised type of manned service known as a ‘Waking Watch’. This solution involves the deployment of two or more SIA-licensed security officers in order to provide a constant roving patrol of a commercial facility during critical maintenance that has a potential health and safety impact. It is designed to protect both people and property in scenarios where normal levels of risk are heightened and standard risk controls are compromised.

For example, a customer may need to take their fire suppression systems offline for a period of time in order to conduct a particular type of critical maintenance. Conversely the facility may be a building under construction in which electronic countermeasures relating to fire and security have yet to be commissioned.

Under such circumstances, a permanent roving patrol presence can be deployed in the form of SIA licensed Security Officers supplied with additional safety equipment such as two-way radios, handheld alarms, first aid kits and loudspeakers. If the role is more of a security-focused assignment in which roving external patrols are required, we can offer our staff additional technology such as smartphones with thermal imaging cameras in order to maximise the efficiency of the service.

Oakpark Security is currently supporting customers in Cambridge, London, Portsmouth and Ipswich with this type of ‘Waking Watch’ service. The solution is designed to be temporary and we therefore allow our customers the maximum flexibility in terms of contractual requirements. Customers can utilise the service as required, whether this is a single occasion or at regular intervals, for the short or long-term.