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Vacant Property Protection

Temporary Security Solutions for Empty Properties

Securing Unoccupied Commercial Real Estate

Our Security Consultants can provide a wide range of manned, mobile and technology options to help secure unoccupied property. Oakpark Security can build a solution to reduce the costs of protecting and maintaining unoccupied commercial real estate and to satisfy the compliance requirements stipulated by insurance providers.

Our team can support today in securing your property

Please contact us to discuss how we can build a solution to protect your vacant property.

Oakpark Security Systems can offer a wide range of options to assist in the protection of vacant and managed commercial property. We use a range of physical and electronic countermeasures to protect your property against key risks pertaining to both criminal and accidental damage.

Vacant Property Inspections can be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our Security Officers will perform a range of checks and tasks, including collecting mail, running taps, flushing toilets and taking meter readings.

Manpower services available include security officers or live-in guardians, random or scheduled mobile patrols, and Vacant Property Inspections (VPIs). Our Vacant Property Inspections can be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and involve a trained mobile patrol officer conducting a full check of the property including perimeter, doors/windows, gas/electricity/water meters and completing a checksheet which is then sent to our client. These reports are electronically verified and contain photographic evidence to verify the condition of the property.

Our team can supply a range of physical security options to harden your property against intrusion and vandalism, including concrete bollards, steel sheeting and Heras fencing.

Oakpark Security is also able to offer a number of industry-leading technology options including temporary wireless CCTV, motion detection systems, intruder alarms, and flood & temperature alarms. Our focus on battery-powered wireless technology allows for a rapid deployment of CCTV and alarm systems that do not incur expensive labour costs or require a power source. The systems are also able to be deployed with minimal disruption to the aesthetics of the property, making them ideal for residential or listed properties that are empty only in the short-term.

We are focused on providing a rigorous risk assessment when assuming responsibility for vacant property. Our team focus not only on criminal damage, such as graffiti, arson or vandalism, but also on the likelihood of other risks such as water damage, fire, and adverse weather.

Large site areas can be protected through the use of wireless solar-powered CCTV towers. This offers effective remote surveillance and motion detection on a 24 hour basis.