Oakpark Security can offer its customers a wide range of monitoring and technology options to help address the risks to their assets. We are able to provide cutting edge technology solutions including CCTV and Access Control systems, all monitored from our Central Operations Centre. Whether as a stand-alone option or as part of a multi-service solution, our technology specialists work in partnership with each customer to design, install, and maintain the system that is appropriate for their risk profile.

As part of our emphasis on risk-based security solutions, we offer our customers a wide range of technology options to help protect their business from disruption. Our extensive suite includes CCTV monitoring, access control systems (including biometrics), number-plate recognition (ANPR), security lighting and barriers, and building management systems (BMS). We source cutting-edge technology from leading industry suppliers who ensure we are kept abreast of all the relevant advances in software and hardware.

Our use of the Immix® CMS monitoring platform allows us to integrate all the leading hardware products into one piece of software to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Oakpark Security has also launched a new line of lone worker solutions designed to protect those employees and persons deemed as occupying a ‘high risk’ environment. We offer a number of options within this particular service line, including hourly ‘check calls’, a ‘smartphone’ lone worker application, and panic alarm & location alert devices. Whatever your requirements, we can design a cost-effective solution with the purpose of keeping your employees safe.

All of our technology solutions are monitored from our Central Operations Centre, where trained operatives are able to respond immediately and initiate a pre-agreed escalation procedure in the event of a threat to person or property. All of our technology options can also be linked to our mobile response service, providing a complete start-to-finish security solution overseen by a single Account Manager.