Oakpark Security Systems Ltd offers a consultancy service to help advise its customers how to identify and address the key risks to their business operations. Our team will conduct a rigorous risk-based analysis of your business and provide you with a matrix of key threats and suggested mitigation measures. We will work in partnership with you throughout the process, and can provide assistance in implementing our recommendations if required.

The aim of our consultancy division is to assist our customers with identifying and isolating threats to their continuity of business. We are often approached by customers who are keen to better understand the risks that their business is likely to face with respect to their infrastructure, workforce, information management, and brand reputation. We work in partnership with these clients to help prevent and mitigate against likely dangers to these important criteria.

Our risk consultancy team can offer a number of services to customers wishing to better protect themselves against future disruption. We can provide a standard security audit with a written report that outlines potential improvements in your security provision. We also offer advice on business continuity planning and business resilience strategy. Our most popular service is our bespoke Security Risk Survey in which we conduct an extensive risk-based assessment of our customer’s vulnerabilities and offer a detail report of potential risks and effective counter-measures.

Our consultancy team also work with our customers to implement any recommendations that they may offer. They will set up a steering group with our Operations team and establish a working timetable for effecting any amendments or additions to your security solution.