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Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote Video Surveillance

Remote Monitoring

Oakpark Security can offer its customers a wide range of monitoring and technology options to help address the risks to their assets. We are able to provide cutting edge technology solutions including CCTV and Access Control systems, all monitored from our Security Operations Centre. Whether as a stand-alone option or as part of a multi-service solution, our technology specialists work in partnership with each customer to design, install, and maintain the system that is appropriate for their risk profile.

Interested in Remote Video Solutions?

Protect your business by using our HD video surveillance systems supported by 24 hour monitoring and response.

Remote Monitoring of CCTV is a cost-effective way to protect your organisation and any of it's assets that could be vulnerable to threats such as intruders, vandalism or theft.

We can turn your IP-based CCTV system into a virtual perimeter within which any movement at your property is detected and responded to. Trained and licensed operators will respond to any such motion detection alerts and initiate a pre-agreed escalation procedure in the event of a threat to person or property. This can include an audible challenge to deter intruders or the tasking of a mobile patrol vehicle investigate further.

Oakpark Security utilise the Immix® integration and monitoring platform to configure your cameras to provide immediate alerts in the event that motion is detected.

Our use of the Immix® CMS monitoring platform allows us to integrate all the leading hardware products into one piece of software to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

All of our CCTV Monitoring solutions are supported with Calipsa Pro Analytics to provide increased false alarm filtering. This can lead to up of 93% of false alarms being filtered without the need for operator intervention.