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Locking & Unlocking

Control and continuity of access to your premises

Controlled Access to Your Building

Oakpark Security’s Mobile Solutions team can offer customers a security lock and unlocking service for their commercial premises. Our uniformed SIA licensed operatives can visit your business at prearranged or ad hoc times to provide a full locking or unlocking of the facility, including full management of the intruder alarm system.

Does your building require a Lock & Unlock service?

Please contact us to discuss how we can build a solution to protect your people and your property.

Our Lock and Unlocking service ensures that a designated SIA-licensed keyholder is always available to lock and alarm your premises at close of business. A full check of the premises is conducted and recorded, including turning off all lights and closing all windows. When unlocking, we will unset the building alarm and ensure that your workforce will be able to enter your property at the agreed time, reducing the cost of key replacements and reducing lost time waiting for a keyholding member of staff to open up the premises.

Using a Lock & Unlocking service ensures your premises can be accessed at the required times and that it is secured and alarmed outside of working hours.

When conducting lock ups, our security officers can conduct additional tasks upon request, such as making sure all the taps are turned off, flushing all toilets, and turning off all heating. If you have advised us to turn off computers left on, or instructed us to conduct any other additional duties such as closing blinds or conducting an inventory of equipment, we will do this for you also.

We can also provide ad hoc emergency access to the building during weekends and silent hours if required for the purposes of maintenance, IT issues or additional working hours. Our 24/7 Central Operations Centre can coordinate any telephone or e-mail request from a nominated customer representative with minimal notice.