Oakpark Security Systems Ltd operates one of the largest keyholding and mobile response networks in the South-East of England. Our Mobile Solutions & Keyholding team can protect your business by offering a robust and visible deterrent to potential intruders and a rapid response service in the event such an incident does indeed occur. We offer a range of cost-effective services, all of which are tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

Oakpark Security is one of the largest outsourced keyholding companies in the South-East of England. We can act as a primary keyholder to customers in both the commercial and residential sectors, and offer a rapid mobile response in the event that their intruder alarm is activated.

We are able to offer our customers an integrated ‘monitoring and response’ solution in which their premises are remotely monitored in our Central Operations Centre by either an IP CCTV system or battery-operated wireless motion detectors. We can also conduct mobile patrols, Vacant Property Inspections (VPI’s), provide accompanied visits, or assist in the secure transportation of documents.

Our patrol fleet is monitored and coordinated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by trained operatives in our Central Operations Centre. In the event of an incident at your premises, they will immediately dispatch the appropriate response vehicle to investigate. A trained uniformed officer will conduct a full patrol of your premises and follow the pre-agreed escalation procedure.

Every mobile patrol officer carriers a handheld ‘proof of presence’ device for the purposes of verification and transparency. Furthermore, all our vehicles are fitted with Navman™ vehicle tracking systems which both helps to improve efficiency of response, and provides an extra ‘proof of presence’ tool for our customers.