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Keyholding & Response

24 Hour Professional Response Services

Professional Response to Alarm Activations

We operate one of the largest Keyholding & Mobile Response networks in East Anglia and the South Coast of England. We can provide a 24/7 keyholding & response service that will attend to any incidents at your commercial or residential property.

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Oakpark Security operates one of the largest keyholding and mobile response networks in East Anglia and the South Coast of England. Our keyholding service can protect your business by offering a robust and visible deterrent to potential intruders and a rapid response in the event such an incident does indeed occur. 

We can act as a primary or secondary keyholder to customers in both the commercial and residential sectors, and offer a rapid mobile response in the event that their intruder alarm is activated.

We operate one of the largest self-operated Patrol & Response networks in East Anglia and the South Coast of England.

On receipt of an intruder alarm activation, our Central Operations Centre will task a liveried response vehicle to your premises to investigate. A full check of the site will be conducted and should the alarm be verified as false, our Response Officer will reset your alarm system and re-secure the premises. Should the alarm activation be a genuine break-in, our team will initiate a series of pre-agreed escalation procedures such as contacting emergency customer keyholders, notifying the Police and arranging a boarding up crew to re-secure the building.

Our Security Operations Centre will task the best-placed Mobile Response vehicle to attend the property, assess the situation, cancel down any false alarms, and if needed, request emergency services or client attendance.

Your keys are stored in accordance with BSIA and ACS best practice guidelines, which includes a coded numerical security seal on the keys, an individually sealed key pouch, and instructions that no reference to the site name or address. All of our patrol vehicles are fitted with dual-locking safes in order to offer the maximum possible levels of security for the keys that we are entrusted with.