Oakpark Security has paired with Colchester-based RIO to offer a new 360° Business Resilience solution that incorporates both physical and digital security. We recognise that many of our customers have their most valuable assets in the digital world and that data security is therefore a greater priority than more traditional forms of physical or electronic security.

The new partnership allows Oakpark Security to offer our customers access to RIO’s expertise in all aspects of data resilience, including network security, Cloud storage, data integrity, business continuity and managed IT infrastructure support. Conversely, RIO are now able to provide with clients to industry-leading knowledge in all aspects of physical and electronic security, including making use of our 24/7 Remote Monitoring Centre.

Our focus is on supporting small and medium businesses in East Anglia with a streamlined approach to business resilience that allows our respective specialist consultants to identify innovations in physical and digital security; the first step of which is a detailed audit of existing systems, procedures and countermeasures relating to both physical and data security.

Please download our brochure for more details on how we could help support your business. Alternatively you can request further information using the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website or by e-mailing security@rioit.co.uk.