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Substantial: an attack is likely

CCTV Towers

High Quality Temporary Surveillance Systems

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers for 24/7 Protection

The deployment of CCTV Towers can provide your location with 24/7 protection that can ensure simultaneous surveillance over a wide area. Intruders can be detected and challenged via audio as soon as they enter your location and a Police and mobile security response immediately tasked.

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As soon as movement is detected, the CCTV tower will start recording and transmitting images to our Remote Monitoring Centre. Incoming alarm signals are evaluated by trained CCTV operators who will assess the need for further escalation. In the event of a real alarm, the perpetrator is personally addressed via the tower loudspeaker by means of a live address. In the majority of cases, this intervention is enough to deter intruders from further action. The Police are informed and a mobile security response is dispatched.

We utilise BauWatch's industry-leading CCTV towers to provide self-sufficient, uninterrupted surveillance to our customer's locations.