Introducing Vacant Property Inspections

19th May 2024

Data produced in 2023 by Local Data Company suggested that up to 15% of commercial retail units in the UK are now vacant, a figure that continues to increase with the collapse of several large national retail chains. The rise of the ‘Work from Home’ workforce has also seen more and more office space left unoccupied in the post-Covid 19 era.

It is often an obligation of insurance policies for such vacant space that regular weekly or fortnightly inspections are conducted. Such inspections help satisfy the conditions to ensure that landlords are meeting the conditions for their property to be fully insured against vandalism, theft, squatting or other losses such as water leaks, fire damage or pest infestations.

Our team can provide inspections in line with the frequency specified by you or your insurance company. A full external and internal check of the property will be conducted, with various checks recorded electronically using our TrackTik™ application. These checks can include meter readings, testing fire alarms, and running taps and flushing toilets to prevent build-up of legionella bacteria.