Why Use an Outsourced Keyholding Service?

posted on: 20th June 2017

Oakpark Security’s Keyholding & Response Service offers commercial businesses the opportunity to outsource their keyholding to a professional, accredited partner with one of the largest Mobile Response networks in East Anglia. Our keyholding service provides a cost-effective option to ensure that any incidents that may occur at your business during non-working hours are dealt with quickly and efficiently, minimising potential disruption wherever possible.

For me, the main advantage to an outsourced keyholding service is that it will prevent your staff from being placed in a scenario of unnecessary risk. It won’t always be apparent what has caused the alarm to activate and there remains the possibility that intruders could be on site. This could result in a confrontation or even an attack on your employee which could result in further sanction to your business from the Health & Safety Executive for failure to consider aspects such as Lone Worker protection.

Using an outsourced keyholding service also provides continuity of response and prevents unnecessary proliferation of keys and alarm details. At those periods, such as Summer or Christmas, when staff holidays are at their apex, it is easy for businesses to find themselves without a designated keyholder in a position to respond in accordance with the best practice guidelines issued by the likes of the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) concerning availability and suitability of keyholders.

The same is true of staff turnover. Industries such as retail or hospitality suffer from high turnover of staff which is exacerbated by the seasonal trends of their economic sectors. This means that existing keys have to be changed over regularly or else new sets have to be cut – both of which are unfortunately often done without a formal record. Using a professional keyholding company like Oakpark Security means that you can offer a single set of keys that is secured with a clear audit trail and mechanisms in line with BSIA best practice.

Should you require any further information on our Keyholding and Response service, please contact one of our team through enquiries@oaksec.co.uk or by calling 01206 793673.


Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller
Security Consultant