What Can a Manned Security Solution Offer?

posted on: 26th August 2019
Manned Security

In an era of connected technology in which workspaces are monitored by an array of various sensors and analytics, an increasing number of our prospective customers are seeking to make the same technological advances with how they approach their organization’s security and resilience. During our consultations with these clients, our team are often asked about the relevance of traditional manned guarding solutions when compared to the significant range of protection technologies that have been introduced as part of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) revolution.


The Pressure of Labour Costs

The advances in technology are clearly a driver for this demand for alternatives to a manned security presence, as are the rising direct costs associated with manpower. The annual increases to the Government’s National Living Wage (NLW) have ensured that the costs of manned guarding are increasing year on year. Even for those companies like Oakpark Security who cost our work in excess of the NLW, there is still the need to retain a differential in order to attract and retain the best quality of staff from a finite pool of SIA licensed individuals. A standard out-of-hours guarding solution is likely to require investment of approximately £75,000 per annum which is a prohibitive cost for many businesses in such an uncertain economic climate.


Still the Most Effective Incident Response?

So why do we continue to advocate manned guarding as a preferred solution to certain clients? The first point to make is that our team will always utilise methodical risk analysis to make recommendations concerning the type of security service you need. We use structured processes established by organisations such as the International Security Management Institute (ISMI) to examine your organisation and the vulnerabilities within its current condition.

Furthermore, the advances in technology have largely centred around detection rather than response. Should your security condition present the need for frequent and immediate response to a particular threat, there remains no substitute for the permanence and speed of action that a full-time manned presence can offer. This remains the case whether the protection of people, property or assets is under consideration; at some point during an incident, human intervention will be required and this will be most effective if those individuals are repeatedly trained and refreshed for such a scenario, supported by a large amount of site-specific knowledge.


Diversification of Skills & Responsibilities

Should a manned guarding solution be appropriate for your level of business risk, our focus will be on ensuring that we offer the maximum return on investment by refining the role of your Security Officers to add new skills and responsibilities. There is no reason, for example, that our handheld technology cannot be utilised to provide reports that will assist with various areas of compliance, such as auditing first aid boxes or fire extinguishers.

Indeed, an increasing number of clients are approaching Oakpark Security looking for a multi-functional security presence rather than a traditional Security Officer. They certainly want an SIA licensed individual to assist with the protection of their premises, usually through a lock/unlocking and regular patrol regime, or through the monitoring of site CCTV. However, they are keen to explore whether this role can be evolved to provide other duties such as basic housekeeping, caretaking, administration or customer service.


Should you wish to discuss how a manned security solution could add resilience to your business, please get in touch through enquiries@oaksec.co.uk or by calling 01206 793673 (Option 3).



Rob Clark
Operations Manager (South)