Supporting Changing Workplace Environments

posted on: 28th October 2020

In the current climate, more and more staff who were previously working full time in an office are now working in safety ‘bubbles’ in which their access to the workplace is part-time and tightly scheduled in order to keep occupancy down and allow for ‘social distancing’. Many staff are now also working from home on a full-time basis for the foreseeable future.

This has led to a significant organisation of the workplace environment on all levels, from physical layout, to health and safety arrangements, to access control practices. As businesses adapt, we are certainly witnessing a reduction in the occupancy of commercial buildings during traditional working hours and more complicated and layered strategy behind the access protocols into these controlled spaces.

Our team have proudly supported a number of organisations in designing and transitioning to such new working arrangements within their business infrastructure. In doing so Oakpark Security have offered a range of solutions which vary in terms of size and scope. Some examples are listed below:



Irregular Lock & Unlocks
As numbers of people into workspaces have become reduced and irregular, it is essential that such buildings are not left open and unprotected as the result of confusion over ever-changing access requirements. Staff keyholders may also not be available due to working from home and the control of staff into a building at the appropriate time can be a challenging process. As such, Oakpark Security can step in to assume responsibility for being the primary keyholder for your premises and can arrange to implement an amended lock and unlocking regime that is fully electronically documented during our attendance.


Welfare Visits
With reduced and irregular people numbers within office spaces, Oakpark Security have delivered daily random welfare visits to several of our customers’ business locations. A Mobile Patrol Officer will conduct a full internal check of the building and record all employees working onsite. Having confirmed their welfare status, a report confirming each employee onsite and their status is sent in real-time to the relevant business manager.


Covid Marshals
For those organisations in sectors such as production or manufacturing, where there is no option to work from home, Oakpark Security have assisted by deploying SIA-licensed Covid Marshals who can support with ensuring that all employees pass through the prescribed Covid control mechanisms. This can include using hand-held temperature testing equipment or monitoring the outcome from a wall-mounted fixed screening system.


Property Inspections
With so many organisations implementing a work from home policy, there has been a significant rise in the amount of commercial property left vacant in recent months. As such, our team are now delivering an increased number of Vacant Property Inspections (VPI’s) each week. Using our electronic patrol verification application, our operatives can record a number of checks for vacant properties, including meter readings, fire panel status, running taps and flushing toilets, all with supporting photographic evidence.



If you would like to know more about how Oakpark Security can help support your organisation in a period of changing workplace environments, please get in touch through or by using our Contact FormYou can also contact us by telephone using 01206 793673 (Option 3) for a consultation with one of our experienced team.

Oakpark Security is part of the Vertas Group of companies. One of Vertas’ brand values is agility. If there is any service that you need support with at this time we would be happy to work through some options with you.

Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller
Security Consultant