Where Does Security Fit Within Commercial Property Management?

posted on: 03rd June 2019
Security Property Management

The professional management of commercial property is one of the core specialisms of our parent group Vertas. Managing agents seek our expertise to provide a complete managed solution in order to keep their locations safe, clean and compliant for tenants and visitors. Such solutions are composite models of individual services, such as fire risk assessments, lift maintenance and gas safety procedures, all coordinated by a single Property Advisor (PA).

However the question that our Security Consultants are faced with from customers within the commercial property sector is where does security fit within this integrated solution? In an era where managing agents are confronted with the pressures of developing a modern workplace environment against greater demands from end-users and rising labour and compliance costs, the question of security is often overlooked within the property management equation.

SIA-Licensed Building Managers

There are several options in which Oakpark Security offer innovative security options that can support a commercial property management solution. An increasingly popular example is the recruitment of an SIA-licensed Building Services Manager whose remit extends past coordinating contractors and ensuring building compliance, and includes the requirement to conduct dynamic risk assessments relating to the protection of property and people. We focus on recruiting individuals with technical experience or a compliance background, before upskilling them with the necessary skills in security and risk management.

Dedicated Mobile Security Officer & Vehicle

Alternatively, Oakpark Security can support managing agents overseeing a portfolio of tenanted commercial properties by implementing a dedicated mobile guarding service. This solution recognises that either the risk analysis or budgetary constraints make full-time site-based security personnel an impractical option for the customer. Instead what they require is a more flexible and cost-effective approach to security that can project a degree of detection and deterrence across multiple locations. Under these circumstances, a dedicated mobile Security Officer and livered vehicle are assigned to the customer portfolio in which the officer will spend segments of time across the week at random locations across the portfolio.

Each location is assigned a monthly time allocation based on the contract risk analysis, although the Mobile Security Officer can amend their schedule based on relevant intelligence and threat assessments. When onsite, the Mobile Security Officer can liaise with onsite staff/tenants, conduct pre-assigned checks and complete real-time location reports for the customer. The officer can also respond immediately to any incident at one of the locations and coordinate the appropriate response.

Annual Physical Security Audits

In commercial buildings with multiple tenants, particularly those with a moderate to high turnover, we would always recommend annual physical security audits for the property. A half day audit each year is normally adequate to assess the overall condition of the site security countermeasures and identify any new vulnerabilities that require attention from the managing agent.

Property Inspections

With twelve mobile patrol vehicles on duty every day across East Anglia and the South Coast, Oakpark Security can also support those managing agents with vacant commercial property portfolios (traditionally those agents who deal with restaurants, pubs and retail units fall into this category). Our team can deliver inspections at daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals in which the condition of the property is assessed, including meter readings, access points, stockpiles of rubbish, and evidence of attempted/successful forced entry. This data is captured in an electronic report with photographic evidence that can be uploaded to our customers in real-time.


For more information of how Oakpark Security can support the protection of your commercial property portfolio, please get in touch through enquiries@oaksec.co.uk or by calling 01206 793673 (Option 3).


Ed Smith
Ed Smith 

Deputy Head of Security Services