Review Your Security Arrangements for the New Year

posted on: 26th January 2019
Security Survey East Anglia

With the festive season now over, the team at Oakpark Security are now busy working with businesses across East Anglia and the South Coast on reviewing their security arrangements for 2019. Existing and prospective clients are keen to understand the changing threat landscape to their organisations and ensure that they are resilient to the impact of risks foreseen and unforeseen.

What Does the Process Look Like?

The first quarter of the year is commonly spent conducting the appropriate analysis prior to the close of the financial year at the end of March and the introduction of new budgets on April 1st. It is important that, prior to offering any recommendations, we can understand the key dimensions of your business and the nuances involved that may impact on your levels of resilience (working habits, staff turnover, physical environment, sector trends, local crime patterns, financial pressures etc).

Our consultants will therefore seek to arrange a preliminary visit and personally attend your facility in order to absorb as much useful information as possible when discussing your business security.

What Types of Security Review Can Be Conducted?

There are a number of options open to customers old and new, ranging in the depth and scope of their analysis. Our consultants are always willing to hold a confidential discussion at your location to discuss your security strategy and to offer some general advice on areas that you may wish to consider. This normally involves some broad ideas that can be developed at a later time when the opportunity permits. Such informal analysis is ideal for small businesses who might not have the experience or resources dedicated specifically to business security.

Alternatively, you can utilise our Physical Security Audit (PSA) checklist in which one of our team will spend half a day onsite at your premises to review the key dimensions of its physical security. This includes the site perimeter and landscape, all access points, barriers and gates, pedestrian and vehicle access, and locking mechanisms.

Our Security Risk Survey (SRS) is the most advanced consultancy package that Oakpark Security offer. Our consultancy team will use industry best-practice methodology to provide a structured assessment of the risks, vulnerabilities and current counter-measures associated with your business. This is a more complex and strategic assessment that closes with a series of advanced recommendations that are tied to specific vulnerabilities identified by the assessor.

What Happens after the Review?

Both our Physical Security Audit (PSA) and Security Risk Survey (SRS) result in a written report provided to the client, complete with diagrams, photographs and all other relevant supporting documentation. This document is particularly helpful as supporting evidence when dealing with your business insurance. Our consultants are happy to review the findings in person with the end user, or in the case of the Security Risk Survey (SRS), provide a presentation to a working group from the client’s business.


For more information of how Oakpark Security can produce a structured and documented Risk Analysis of your business, please get in touch through or by calling 01206 793673 (Option 3).

Ed Smith
Ed Smith 

Deputy Head of Security Services