Securing the New Technology Economy

posted on: 26th November 2018
Technology Security

Technology-focused businesses are at the heart of the UK economy with the sector worth £194 billion in 2018. At 4.5%, the technology sector continues to show a rate of growth that far outstrips the economy as a whole, with a number of established ‘centres’ such as Portsmouth, Bristol and Cambridge driving such growth alongside newer hubs like Basingstoke, Huntingdon and Southend.

In East Anglia, where Oakpark Security is headquartered, we are now witnessing the rise of Norwich as a key centre for technology-orientated companies, a process only hastened by the new ‘Cambridge-Norwich tech corridor’ which plans to create 26,000 jobs and inject £2.75 billion into the regional economy.

Such businesses face a complex series of security challenges that transcend across the physical, electronic and cyber realms and so threaten both tangible and intangible assets.


What Are Some of the Key Sector Challenges?

In a Financial Times survey in 2018, technology businesses highlighted their most significant challenge to be recruitment and retention of staff. The shortage of qualified staff means a highly transient workforce coupled with large numbers of temporary and agency workers – both of which present a challenge in terms of access control, identification and the maintaining of controlled areas.

Integrity of confidential information is another of the primary challenges with regards to the technology sector. Such businesses may hold sensitive information ranging from patents and schematics to working prototypes and proprietary technology within their facility, all of which requires the most stringent of security protocols. A large part of this obviously relates to specialist cyber-security initiatives but there is still a significant role in terms of physical security. This may be through the operation of search equipment, the control of access to certain areas, or regular foot/vehicle patrols of high priority locations.

Such businesses also have a critical dependency on their technology infrastructure. This can include local servers, PC terminals, environmental controls and research facilities, all of which will require some form of remote or onsite monitoring during silent hours in particular.


How Can We Help?

Oakpark Security can provide comprehensive and innovative security solutions which are based on structured risk analysis using industry best-practice methodologies. Whether you are looking for a permanent security presence on your premises or a supplemental flexible security service, we will ensure that your business resilience is the only driver on which we build a proposal.

Our series of hubs a cross East Anglia – Colchester, Ipswich, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds and Norwich – mean that your business is secured by a local workforce with strong staffing resilience to deal with planned and unplanned absence. This is critical to ensuring a continuity of staffing and regular management communication with our clients.


How is Our Offering Tailored to the Needs of this Sector?

Our solutions are always based on the findings of a detailed Security Risk Survey which provides our account management team with a nuanced understanding of the client, their facility, and their security challenges. As a company, Oakpark Security are not about the number of ‘hours’ and ‘patrols’ when designing security solutions, but rather about what does the client want to secure and what are the pressure points in their current solution for doing so?

Should the deployment of SIA licensed Security Officers be part of this solution, we can develop a sector-specific program of training and upskilling in order to maximise the return on investment. We can offer our operatives a one-day training course in Information Security Awareness in order that they recognise the key threats to your business data and know how to respond accordingly. It will also raise awareness in how their own behaviour has the potential to increase risks to the customer and provide them with key guidelines in terms of mobile technology use when onsite.

Furthermore our Converse training application will ensure operatives are constantly being re-tested in the site emergency procedures. We understand that in this sector, an onsite emergency such as fire or flood not only has the potential to injure staff and damage property, but is also the


For more information of how Oakpark Security can produce a structured and documented Risk Analysis of your business, please get in touch through or by calling 01206 793673 (Option 3).

Ed Smith
Ed Smith 

Deputy Head of Security Services