What Does 2018 Have in Store for Oakpark Security?

posted on: 20th January 2018

First of all let me offer all of our customers, our suppliers and particularly our staff my best wishes for 2018. It has been a busy end to the year for Oakpark Security – as you might have read here – and we now begin moving our attention to the challenges and opportunities for the New Year. Below are a few of the issues that will occupy our attention as we enter the new year.

Continued Integration into the Vertas Group

After our acquisition by the Vertas Group in August 2017, Oakpark Security continues its journey to be further integrated into the wider Vertas structures. This includes a number of back office and support functions, including Business Development, Health & Safety, Compliance and Human Resources. We will be working closely with our Vertas colleagues to ensure that this transition is a seamless one and that our customers benefit fully from the increased expertise and knowledge that the Vertas Group can offer.

Streamlining of Operational Processes

A key aim for 2018 will be reorganising and streamlining our operational processes in order to ensure that better quality information is communicated more effectively, both internal and external to the business. We are already working on a number new initiatives to remove paperwork from our Operations teams in favour of mobile technology that makes our teams more agile, more transparent and more environmentally friendly.

Reshaping our Service Delivery Approach

Oakpark Security will be promoting a far more consultancy-based approach to our service delivery as we moved forward in 2018. This is based on the feedback we received from customers over the past 24 months that they are less interested in ‘services’ and more interested in discussing ‘solutions’ to their security challenges. In other words, services like Security Officers or Keyholding & Response are not of interest to customers because they have an abstract vision of buying ‘security’ but rather because they are appropriate to deal with a particular challenge to the customer’s continuity of business.

More One-to-One Time!

Finally, our management team and I have made a firm commitment to spend more face to face time with our frontline security officers during the next year. It is easy for companies to proclaim that ‘their people are their best assets’ but this needs to be reflected in the support, communication and supervision networks that they sit within.

A big thanks to all the staff and suppliers who have assisted with these significant operational changes already. I look forward to working with you all throughout 2018 as Oakpark Security takes the next steps as part of the Vertas Group.

Peter Sutton
Head of Oakpark Security