Empowering our Security Officers through Mobile Technology

posted on: 23rd April 2019
Security Training

One of the challenges for any security provider is the need to communicate with a geographically dispersed workforce that are usually at their place of work during night and weekend hours. Our customers are increasingly requiring the ‘up-skilling’ of frontline Security Officers through additional training and communication initiatives in order to make them more effective in their security duties but also to help overcome the sense of isolation that can develop when lone working during unsociable hours.

In response to this, Oakpark Security have invested heavily with the financial support offered by our parent group Vertas to design a web application known as Converse.

The aim of Converse is two-fold. Firstly, it provides our frontline Security Officers with access to web-based information and training relating to their particular assignment and their regular duties in the workplace. Staff can access site-specific information that is designed in partnership with our clients, including assessment through a variety of different test mechanisms. Information is communicated by both text, image and video in order to make complex procedures more digestible by our operatives.

Secondly, Converse serves as a communication and messaging system that can be utilised by our Contract Managers to quickly distribute updates on procedures, additional client requests or instructions for temporary or short-term assignments. Perhaps most importantly, our staff based at remote locations can be provided with updated Risk Assessments in real-time, supporting the group-wide initiative at Vertas that Health & Safety in the workplace should be considered a priority at all times.

Converse marks a new chapter in how we deliver manpower-based security services to our clients. Our focus is on the digitising of service delivery has a number of important implications which support our efforts to give our customers the greatest return on investment when selecting a guarding solution.

These benefits of our investment in digitisation include:

  • Increasing Efficiency through Site-Specific e-Learning Initiatives. In other words, providing our Security Officers with regular information in varying formats that can be consumed whilst on duty.
  • Providing an auditable channel of communication for use by our Contract Managers that makes use of our mobile technology.
  • Increase Staff Wellbeing & Engagement by updating staff regularly and transitioning our geographically spread workforce into an online community of colleagues.
  • Rapidly communicating best-practice initiatives and industry campaigns from organisations such as the Security Industry Authority (SIA).


Ed Smith
Ed Smith 

Deputy Head of Security Services