Business Development Manager: The Benefits of Remote Monitoring

posted on: 07th May 2016
Remote Monitoring Solutions

One of our current areas of expansion at Oakpark Security relates to the increased use of ‘Monitoring & Response’ solutions, a security provision that combines remote monitoring of CCTV with a mobile response service when required.

Let me start by explaining what Remote Monitoring is – and how it works! Upon agreeing a contract with a new customer, one of our technology & systems specialists will visit the premises to either a) install a new HD CCTV system with Internet Protocols (IP), or b) takeover an existing IP or ‘legacy’ system. They will establish a remote connection between the system and our Remote Monitoring Centre in Essex.

Within this Remote Monitoring Centre are a number of trained operators who will monitor the camera feed on a 24/7 basis (or as and when specified by the client). They will be immediately alerted to any movement by an audible alarm and can instantly utilise real-time footage to ascertain the nature of the threat. Should the threat be verified as genuine, the pre-agreed escalation procedure can then initiated and the appropriate response mechanism enacted.

Oakpark CCTV Board

There are a number of benefits to such a solution:

1) You can often reduce a large and necessary spend on manpower based security solutions through the introduction of a Remote Monitoring solution. For many businesses, there is a constant need to reduce their spend on all aspects of facilities management, particularly their security provision. Remote Monitoring solutions can provide this requisite reduction in spend and often without compromising the protection of a business perimeter.

2) An effective CCTV system can increase the speed of detecting activity that presents a threat to your business. The debate concerning the merits of manned guarding versus those of technology is unlikely to resolved anytime soon – but is actually somewhat of an irrelevance for companies like Oakpark Security who focus more on implementing the risk-relevant solution for our customers rather than pushing a particular service of choice. What I would certainly acknowledge is that ‘smart’ CCTV systems offer an effective automated detection facility that isn’t prone to some of frailties that can undermine the manned security presence.

3) Increased deterrence for both external and internal parties. Police statistics show a lower incidence of burglary and vandalism on sites with a remotely monitored CCTV system – this is probably not a huge surprise to anyone! What may however surprise business owners/managers is that companies with a remote monitoring solution are also statistically less prone to internal “shrinkage” and theft than those who don’t.

I should of course make clear that the deployment of any remote monitoring solution by Oakpark Security is subject to an intensive Security Risk Survey by one of our risk consultants. There are occasions where the use of a manned guarding solution remains the appropriate, for example those scenarios where the balance between detection and response is more tilted towards response (such as a school or university environment).

Should you have any questions on our Remote Monitoring service offering, please contact me at or using 01206 793673.